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About Us

Velcom.com network was designed from the ground up to handle unpredictable spikes in traffic to all of our customers. With multiple 1000mbps Transit connections and direct ethernet/fiber peering arrangements, we currently handle the most demanding webmasters, and we're ready to service your site! Our plans were deliberately designed to make sure you find what you need at low price rates while having all necessary options for further growth and development.

No Single Point of Failure

Our network was designed with stability in mind. There is no single point of failure anywhere within the Velcom network. We have multiple Transit links to some of the NY Metro area's largest providers. Never Overloaded. The Velcom network always maintains low utilization on each and every one of its customer network segments. Each backplane is never utilized more than 40% to allow for unexpected bursting without performance loss.


The Velcom Network offers some of the best pricing in the world. You will not find a comparable network offering the low pricing that Velcom offers.

Our Guarantee

Our network was built with reliability, security, growth and speed in mind. We continuously upgrade our systems using leading-edge components to ensure our clients' servers always operate at peak performance.

The scalability of Velcom.com's network infrastructure and operational controls is a proven and decisive competitive advantage. Velcom.com network architecture can be scaled and clustered based on shared or dedicated client needs.